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Name Burial or Ashes Interred Date Age
Graves where the last burial occured more than 30 years ago may be available for reuse by direct descendants and immediate family. Please contact 3407 8128 for more details.
Corrie Alan Gordon 26 / 09 / 1925 40 years
Corrie James Affleck 03 / 04 / 1887 Unknown
Corrie Leslie Gordon 03 / 08 / 1918 Unknown
Corrie Annie Jamesina 15 / 09 / 1928 76 years

Brisbane City Council records show that more than one individual is buried in this grave. Their details are shown above.

Cemetery Details
Toowong Cemetery
Cnr Frederick St and Mt Coot-tha Rd, Toowong
Map 158 N13
Portion Section Grave Number
13 71 13/14

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